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Learn how to modernize insurance with analytics and AI in New York this November


Digital Insurance’s Insurance Analytics and AI event is coming to New York, November 27-28 (new venue and date) Austin September 27-28, 2018. This is going to be a great place to learn how to use analytics, machine learning, data science and AI to modernize your insurance business. I’ll post more as the details firm up but I’m really excited about one session I know is happening.

I am participating in a panel on the Role of AI and Analytics in the Modernization of Insurance. I’m joining Craig Bedell, an IBM Industry Academy member for Insurance, as well as two analytic leaders – Hamilton Faris of Northwestern Mutual and Tom Warden of EMPLOYERS. We’ll be sharing our advice on modernizing insurance decision making across sales, underwriting, pricing, claims and much more. We’ll explore the Analytics and AI innovation journey and highlight how insurance firms that combine these efforts with operational decision management efforts are far more likely to succeed in digital transformation. It’s going to be great.

Register here – and do it before August 17 to get the Early Bird rate! See you in NY.