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Predictive Analytics Maturity Needs Business Rules (IDC Survey)


Maureen Fleming of IDC presented at IDC Directions on How Does Decision-Centric Computing Drive Digital Transformation? She kindly shared this presentation with me. Decision-centric computing, she says:

continuously receives and analyzes data to predict when decisions need to be made, systematically learns how to automate those decisions, and acts on each decision to improve performance.

Exactly. We call these Decision Management Systems but the concept is the same.

While the presentation focused on IoT and streaming scenarios, the concepts can be applied more generally – after all, many business scenarios are heading to a streaming solution. The most interesting piece was this graph titled “Predictive Analytics is Only a Piece of the Puzzle”
This graph shows that organizations that are mature in terms of predictive analytics use business rules a lot (70%), those that are in production with something use business rules a little (24%) and those that are stuck in development are not using them very much at all (5%).

This illustrates a point we make with analytics clients – a business rules management system is a great platform for deploying predictive analytics, especially when you apply Decision Management principles and decision modeling to do the rules in a decisions first way.

For IDC subscribers, Maureen has written Introducing Decision-Centric Computing which has another great quote:

Without a way to incorporate decision automation to make repetitive decisions, enterprises will find it increasingly difficult to justify their investments in advanced analytics and risk failure to materialize the anticipated benefits

Decision Management is a proven approach to delivering Decision-Centric Computing and using a Decisions First methodology effectively combines business rules and predictive analytics using decision modeling. What are you waiting for?