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THINK 2018: Architecting the One Platform for Smarter Business


Customers, IBM says, are moving to the cloud but they are transitioning through a hybrid solution. IBM is investing heavily in its cloud in terms of partnerships, technology, patents, volume, data centers etc. They announced two new partnerships this week – Cloudlfare and New Relic.

The One Cloud architecture is particularly focused on AI and analytics enablement – cloud infrastructure that assumes you want to use the data on the cloud to drive analytics and AI. It’s also very API-centric and designed to be managed programmatically. Plus the Watson APIs are fully integrated along with the various data capabilities IBM has been developing for its cloud.

IBM Cloud Private is IBM’s key platform for modernizing applications. They are adding capabilities around application transformation, developer tools and the data cloud. Integration across multiple clouds and deployment automation /management are focus areas also.

Transformation Advisor scans existing applications to assess the complexity of migrating an existing application to a container-based environment. If possible it will automate the transformation to containers. Once containerized the IBM Cloud Private catalog allows these applications and standard ones to be deployed to multiple instances and provides monitoring for them once deployed. Applications can also be pushed to public clouds and monitored there also. Plus of course there’s a command line interface for all this.

All good stuff. Of course you should also think about replacing all that hard-wired code with decision-centric business rules too….