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Decision CAMP 2018 Call for Papers


DecisionCAMP 2018 in in Europe – Luxembourg to be precise – September 17-19. This is a great event and well worth your time if you are interested in the nuts and bolts of decisioning technology, Decision Management or decision modeling. Last year’s event in London was great with a wide range of presentations and lots of great content. Plus you get to meet with a bunch of folks really committed to decision-making approaches and technologies.

Anyway, its time to submit papers – the Call for Papers is here. If you have something to say about decision modeling, the use of business rules and analytic or AI technology for decision automation, optimization, how decision management and blockchain can deliver smart contracts, or really anything else interesting and decision-centric, please go ahead and send a proposal. Like the rest of the committee I am looking forward to seeing some great topics again this year.

Get those submissions in by March 25 if you can – or at least let us know you plan to!