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Presentation at BBC: Adopting Process and Decision Technology: the SME’s Perspective


I am presenting on Adopting Process and Decision Technology – the Subject Matter Expert’s Perspective with Alexandra Caraballo of Kaiser Permanente at this years Building Business Capability conference – Thursday at 4:50pm

Kaiser Permanente is the nation’s largest not for profit healthcare network. Its not for profit mission means that philanthropy – making grants to organizations and projects that improve the health of their communities – is a critical part of the organization. The National Philanthropy group handles around 200 applications and manages about $10 million in grants for community engagement and philanthropy every year. Potential spread of this model beyond the National Philanthropy group to Kaiser Permanente’s eight Regions and 37 grant making entities could impact the process and decision models for the handling of approximately 5,000 applications and $80-$90 million in grants across the organization.

A desire for more transparency, consistency and efficiency has led the group to work with Kaiser Permanente IT to develop business process and decision solutions for the group. Process models, decision models, process and business rules management systems are all now part of the day-to-day environment for the team. But what’s it like to be a subject matter expert during this kind of transformation?

Presented as a Q&A and illustrated throughout with the actual systems the team has adopted, this session explores what it’s like to be the subject matter expert as internal and external consultants re-engineer your business. The power of process and decision models, the reality of process and rules technology, and the cost benefit of change will be discussed to help the audience better understand how they can work with their own subject matter experts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how a subject matter experts sees their business
  • Show how process and decision models can help a subject matter expert explain what they do
  • Explore the ways in which process and decision technology impact subject matter experts
  • Discuss what helps a subject matter expert focus on the to-be not the as-is
  • Show how modern approaches can help a subject matter expert see the potential value in change
  • Show business analysts how they can maximize the value of their subject matter experts

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