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We’ve Been Named a 2017 Hot Vendor for Digital Business Platforms


Last week, Silicon Valley research firm Aragon Research cited Decision Management Solutions as a visual and business-friendly extension to digital business platforms and named us a 2017 Hot Vendor in Digital Business Platforms. We’re delighted about this and feel pretty strongly that this validates our vision of a federated digital decisioning platform as an essential ingredient in a company’s digital business strategy.

The report’s author, Jim Sinur, said:

Digital Business Platforms combine five major technical tributaries to create a cornerstone technology base that supports the changing nature of business, as well as the work that supports digital. Enterprises that are looking to manage a complex or rapidly changing set of rules that empower outcomes would benefit from decision management as offered by Decision Management Solutions, especially when combined with predictive or real-time analytics.

The report says that what makes us unique is that business people can represent their decisions in a friendly, visual and industry-standard model while managing the logic and analytics for these decisions across many implementation platforms. We’re working with clients to create “virtual decision hubs” that map the complexities of enterprise decision-making to the underlying technologies that deliver the decision logic, business rules, advanced analytics and AI needed to operationalize this decision-making across channels.

Click here to view the report.