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DecisionCAMP 2017: The Role of Decision Models in Analytic Excellence


I am presenting at DecisionCAMP 2017 – The Role of Decision Models in Analytic Excellence – at 11:25am, Thursday July 14

Organizations are increasingly investing in data analytics to improve decision-making. Dashboards, self-service BI, data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning and cognitive technologies are being evaluated, deployed and used as organizations push to adopt data-driven decision-making. Effectively using these analytic technologies, and especially using them consistently, broadly and deeply enough to achieve excellence requires a disciplined focus on better decisions.

Some organizations are using decision modeling, and the DMN standard, to achieve analytic excellence. Decision modeling with DMN provides critical structure and acts as a catalyst to maximize the value of these technologies.

You can register for DecisionCAMP here and get more on the program here. If you are coming, don’t forget that Jan and I are running a great Decision Modeling Masterclass immediately before and you get a discount for being a DecisionCAMP attendee!