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DecisionCAMP 2017: Mind the Gap-Lessons Learned in the Application of DMN to Large Projects


I am co-presenting with Jan Purchase at DecisionCAMP 2017 – Mind the Gap-Lessons Learned in the Application of DMN to Large Projects – at 10:15am, Thursday July 13

Since the release of DMN 1.1 by the OMG in 2015, a growing number of organisations have sought to use it to model their key business decisions. They use decision modelling to improve the integrity and structure of their business decisions, support precise and transparent definitions, frame their use of analytics and create an executable representation of their requirements comprehensible to their business communities.

But DMN is a young, evolving standard; its application to large or complex decisions, where its precision and clarity are most needed, often requires specific practices and maturity. As organizations adopt these practices they find that the current version lacks specific features. Focussing on clear communication, published decision models (in books and internet articles) are often simplified and omit the need for these features. However, practitioners attempting to apply DMN to real-world decision modelling rapidly discover and work around these ‘gaps’. Also, DMN tool vendors are often pressed to address them with their own specific workarounds.

Through the use of case studies, the authors present gaps within DMN’s feature set that most frequently cause significant challenges to its successful application. The lack of these features can be a barrier to adoption of DMN. The authors outline the critical practices these projects require, propose solutions for each gap and walk through model fragments that illustrate these ideas.

Although standards should be small, the authors argue—by looking at the challenges faced in real projects—that users would benefit from a small number of additional features, some of which are already being considered by the DMN committee.

You can register for DecisionCAMP here and get more on the program here. If you are coming, don’t forget that Jan and I are running a great Decision Modeling Masterclass immediately before and you get a discount for being a DecisionCAMP attendee!