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The Effectiveness of Decisions-First Data Science


One of our clients was presenting recently at a TDWI conference and was picked up on TechTarget – Analytics teams give data science applications real scientific rigor. It’s a great article with some good tips about using a repeatable methodology like CRISP-DM, especially when combined with decision modeling as a way to capture business understanding and drive collaboration (see this post too on Helping your analytic projects succeed with decision modeling and CRISP-DM). As Anu Miller of Cisco put it

We ask each other all the time, ‘What business decision are you looking to support?’

This focus on method and on business decisions also helps bring teamwork across the business/data science team divide too. As she went on to say

Those things almost force you to be collaborative. There are no unicorns on our team. We have to work together.

All good advice. If you live in the Bay Area, you can hear me talk about some of the key aspects of this approach at the Global Big Data Conference when I talk about ‘Don’t Apply Big Data Analytics To The Wrong Problem: Put Decisions First’. If you don’t live locally, check out this case study: Bringing Clarity to Data Science Projects with Decision Modeling.

And remember, if you would like to talk about improving your data science approach or other help operationalizing your analytics, get in touch.