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Update to the Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report



The Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report began in early 2012 as a way to share our research and experience in building Decision Management Systems. Since then we have extended, updated and revised the report many times. This week we released the latest version – Version 8 – with a new, easier to use format. There is so much content in the report now than one great  big document no longer works. To make it easier to use we have now broken it down into a set of pieces. We have also added content on technology for modeling decisions, upgraded significantly the section on monitoring and improving decisions and given the whole thing a refresh.

The documents are:

  • Introducing Decision Management Systems
  • Use Cases for Decision Management Systems
  • Best Practices in Decision Management Systems
  • Five Key Capabilities
    • Managing Decision Logic With Business Rules
    • Embedding Predictive Analytics
    • Optimizing and Simulating Decisions
    • Monitoring and Improving Decisions
    • Modeling Decisions
  • Selecting Products for Building Decision Management Systems

The first three are an excellent introduction for business or technical readers, while the others are more focused on those who are selecting or using the technologies described. You can download them for free on the Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report page.

As always, don’t forget that we have extensive experience helping organizations like yours define, configure and implement Decision Management Systems that deliver on the value propositions described in the Report. Our clients are leading companies in insurance, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, travel and leisure, health management, and retail. Contact us if we can help.