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BPM Skills in 2017: Hot or Not?


Zbigniew Misiak posted a great set of tips from practitioners BPM Skills in 2017 – Hot or Not – with my contribution here.  This is a great way to get some quick advice from a wide range of practitioners and experts. As someone with a particular focus on decision management and decision modeling I was struck by the fact that there were 5 distinct recommendations for DMN and decision modeling/decision management (including, obviously, mine).

Some quick follow up points on my note:

  • Hot
    • Decision Modeling and the DMN standard
      • There’s rapidly growing interest from companies in using decision modeling and the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard
      • Lots of this interest is coming from business rules practitioners
      • But process modelers using BPMN are keen to use it too as modeling decisions separately simplifies their process models dramatically
      • And analytic/data science teams are seeing the potential for decision models in bringing clarity to their business problem
    • Predictive analytics (not just process analytics)
      • Data mining, data science, predictive analytics, machine learning etc are all hot technologies
      • Practitioners need to move beyond dashboards and process analytics to include these more powerful analytic concepts
      • A focus on decisions and decision modeling is central to finding the places where these analytics will make a difference
    • Declarative modeling
      • Business rules are declarative. So, at some level, are analytics. Process models are procedural
      • Declarative models like DMN allow you to describe decision making without overlaying the procedures we happen to follow today
  • Not
    • Modeling business rules outside the context of decisions
      • There’s no value to business rules that don’t describe how you make a decision
      • You can, of course, describe your data and your process in a rules-centric way and that’s fine
      • But don’t think there’s value in just having a big bucket of rules
    • Embedding business rules directly into processes
      • Decisions are where rules meet processes
      • Embedded rules as gateways or conditions simply makes your process messy and complex
      • Even embedding decision tables as separate tasks will only work for very simple scenarios
      • You need to model the decision and create a decision-making component, a decision service, for the process to use
    • Procedural documentation
      • Works fine for proceses but a procedural approach for documenting analytics or rules simply documents how you do this today, not what you need it to do tomorrow

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