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New Book: Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN now available!


Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN CoverI am delighted to announce that Jan Purchase, founder of Lux Magi, and I have finished what we believe is the definitive guide to decision modeling with the Object Management Group’s Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard, Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN. The book is now on general release and available for purchase from Amazon and Barnes and Noble (full details on the Meghan Kiffer site).

If you are a regular follower of this blog you will know that decision modeling is an important technique for improving the effectiveness, consistency and agility of your organization’s operational decisions and a vital adjunct to the continuous improvement of your business processes.

We have tried hard to develop a truly comprehensive book that provides a complete explanation of decision modeling and how it aligns with Decision Management and more broadly with Digital Transformation. The book describes the DMN standard, focusing on the business benefits of using it. Full of examples and best practices developed on real projects, it will help new decision modelers to quickly get up to speed while also providing crucial patterns and advice for more those with more experience. The book includes a detailed method for applying decision modeling in your organization and advice on how to select tools and start a pilot project. It contains:

  • Over 220 practical illustrations
  • 47 best practices
  • 13 common misconceptions to avoid
  • 12 patterns and approaches
  • 3 worked examples

Here are some of the great quotes from our initial reviewers:

“This comprehensive and incredibly useful book offers a wealth of practical advice to anyone interested in decision management and its potential to improve enterprise applications. Using a blend of user case studies, patterns, best practices and pragmatic techniques, “Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN” shows you how to discover, model, analyze and design the critical decisions that drive your business!”
—David Herring, Manager of BPM & ODM Delivery at Kaiser Permanente.

“Well written and very impressive in its scope.”
—Alan Fish, Principal Consultant, Decision Solutions, FICO and author of “Knowledge Automation: How to Implement Decision Management in Business Processes”.

“If you are looking for a complete treatise on decisions, look no further. Even though you end up in decision modeling and Decision Modeling Notation (DMN), you are treated to all the aspects of decisions explained with great care and clarity. This is a greatly needed book that will be studied by decision managers and practitioners for the next decade or more. It will end up on my physical and logical bookshelves.”
—Jim Sinur, Vice President and Research Fellow, Aragon Research.

“Written by two of the foremost experts in decision management, this book provides an extensive exploration of business decisions and how they are used in modern digital organizations. Taylor and Purchase distill for us the why, how, when and where to apply decision modeling in order to specify business decisions that are effective. Going beyond just an introduction to the Decision Model and Notation (DMN), the authors position this standard with respect to other well established standard notations such as BPMN. This is truly a first comprehensive handbook of decision management.”
—Denis Gagne, Chair of BPMN MIWG, CEO & CTO at Trisotech.

I very much hope you will buy and enjoy Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN. I’d love to hear what you think of it and stories about how it helped you on projects so please drop me a line.

I’ll leave the last word to  Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group who wrote the foreword for us:

A well-defined, well-structured approach to Decision Modeling (using the OMG international DMN standard) gives a repeatable, consistent approach to decision-making and also allows the crucial ‘why?’ question to be answered — how did we come to this point and what do we do next? The key to accountability, repeatability, consistency and even agility is a well-defined approach to business decisions, and the standard and this book gets you there.”

What are you waiting for? Go buy it –  Meghan KifferAmazon, Barnes and Noble.