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BBC is your first chance to buy our new decision modeling book


CiGAVqoWwAAALq3Available now! Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN is done! Jan and I have put the book to bed and we are just working through the remaining steps to getting it completely available. But if you are coming to Building Business Capability 2016 you can get the book there.

First, if you sign up for my workshop Decision Modeling with DMN on Monday October 31, you will get a free copy of the book! Plus you get a half-day introduction to decision modeling and the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard.

Second you can buy the book at the bookstore at the show. The bookstore is open during the exhibit hours on November 2nd and 3rd. I will be signing books at 4:20 on Thursday November 3rd, right after David Herring and I speak on our work with decision modeling at Kaiser Permanente. The book is going to retail at $49.95 but will be available at a special show discount price of $39.95.

Decision modeling with DMN is a great way to manage business rules requirements and analysis, to frame analytic requirements and to define decision-making, whether manual or automated. If you are focused on business rules, on analytics or on decision management then decision modeling and DMN should be in your toolbox of techniques.

If you are coming to the event and have questions about decision modeling just grab one of us and ask – several Decision Management Solutions folks will be there including me and Gagan Saxena, who is speaking on business architecture with Andrew Ray of Goldman Sachs.