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Webinar: Analytics Teams: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Deploy Your Model


I am giving a webinar on Analytics Teams: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Deploy Your Model on November 15 [NEW DATE] at 11am Pacific

Many Analytics Teams have experience with building what seems like a great model–valid, predictive, powerful–only to see disappointing or even no business impact. Some models are not deployed, or take so long to deploy their accuracy is lost. Even deployed models are often not used effectively.
What can you do? Learn the 5 questions to ask before deploying your model in this free live webinar. Learn why the best way to succeed with your analytic deployment is with decision modeling:

  • Decision modeling using the DMN industry standard gives you a clear sense of the business impact of your analytic, helping you and your business partners evaluate it and put it in context.
  • Decision models define what it will take to make your analytic actionable, making it clear exactly what needs to be deployed.
  • Decision models set up the framework you need to collect and analyze data about your model’s performance and its business impact.

Decision modeling is a proven powerful complement to analytic methodologies like CRISP-DM.

Register here.