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Webinar: Analytics Teams: 6 Questions to Ask Your Business Partner Before You Model


I am giving a webinar on Analytics Teams: 6 Questions to Ask Your Business Partner Before You Model October 13 at 11am Pacific.

Analytics Teams know that one of their biggest challenges is effective communication and collaboration with their business partners. Projects are plagued with too many iterations to get to a solution, too many detours responding to unfocused requests, and too often the final model results in a positive analytic result that can’t demonstrate business value.
What can you do? This webinar will outline six questions to ask your business partner before you start modeling and show you why decision modeling is the best approach to building this shared understanding.
Starting the conversation by talking about decisions rather than the data or analytic techniques avoids overwhelming your business partner with technical jargon. It also helps your analytics team avoid jumping to conclusions about the analytic problem to be solved. Decision modeling using the DMN industry standard is easy to learn and quick to implement and complements the CRISP-DM methodology.

  • Decision models add value quickly.
  • Decision models focus new projects and get lost projects back on track.
  • Simple decision requirement diagrams built through decision modeling simplify complex problems.

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