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Check out these videos introducing decision modeling and DMN


DMNBookFrontCoverJan Purchase and I are working away on our book, Available now! Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN and ahead of the publication we have made a series of short videos about decisions, decision modeling and DMN. These have been posted over on our company blog but here they are for you reference. Check them out.

  1. What is Decision Modeling – a video
  2. What’s the Motivation for Decision Modeling? – a video
  3. Why Model Decisions with DMN – a video
  4. Why Write a Book When There’s a Standard? – A Video
  5. The differences between decisions and business rules– a video
  6. Real world examples of how modeling decisions with DMN has helped – a video

If you are interested in the book, you can sign up here for updates and release date information.