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Research on embedding analytics from the International Institute for Analytics


I am faculty member of the International Institute for Analytics and Bob Morison has recently published some great research (to which I made a very modest contribution) on Field Experience In Embedded Analytics – a topic that includes Decision management. If you want access to the full research you will need to become an Enterprise Research client but the three big ideas, with my comments, are:

  • Embedding analytics in business processes makes them part of the regular workflows and decision-making apparatus of information workers, thus promoting consistent and disciplined use
    We find that focusing analytics, especially predictive analytics, on repeatable decisions that are embedded in day to day processes is the most effective and highest ROI use for analytics. Understanding where the analytics will be used is critical and we really emphasize decision modeling as a way to frame analytic requirements and build this understanding.
  • Unless decisions and actions are totally automated, organizations face the challenges of adjusting the mix of responsibilities between automated analytics and human decision makers
    Again decision modeling can really help, especially in drawing the automation boundary. Of course when decisions are wholly or partly automated you need to embed the analytics you build into your operational systems using Decision Management and PMML for instance.
  • When embedding analytics to assist smart decision makers, you’ve got to make them easy to understand and use – and difficult to argue with and ignore
    As our research into analytic capabilities pointed out, the need for visual v numeric output from analytics was one of the key elements in picking the right analytic capability to solve a problem.

Enterprise Research clients can get the report here and if you are interested in analytics you should seriously consider becoming an Enterprise Research client.