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Live Event: TDWI Business Innovation through Analytics and Big Data Architectures


I am co-hosting TDWI’s Solution Summit on Business Innovation through Analytics and Big Data Architectures with Philip Russom, April 10-12 in Savannah, GA

Business, analytics, and big data are colliding to create new and innovative ways of running a business, regardless of organizational size or industry. From one direction, organizations are collecting data from new sources, such as sensors, vehicles, and new customer channels (like smartphone apps or social media) and they want to leverage that data to their advantage. From another direction, organizations need to improve competitiveness, strategy, operations, and customer management via analytics, so technology people must supply data for new analytic applications. Regardless of what causes the collision, innovation results from creative combinations of business methods, advanced analytics, and the management of new big data.

However, coordinating business, analytics, and big data can be challenging. Solutions can take many forms. Success depends on developing new technical skills and management methods, with the right sponsorship and governance. New approaches to data and analytics usually require investments in new platforms and tools and there are the usual questions of where to start, how to grow, whom to hire or train, and how to maintain IT-to-business alignment.

I am giving a keynote on Generating Business Value at the Intersection of Big Data and Advanced Analytics on the Tuesday.