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SAS Inside Intelligence – Customer Intelligence


Customer Intelligence is a core focus for SAS. Over the last year, real-time next best action, optimization, marketing efficiency are driving investments in Customer Intelligence in the SAS customer base. More organizations have initiatives focused on improving the customer experience, integrating digital silos for a digital experience and big data.

The Customer Intelligence product is designed to handle inbound and outbound channels through a common customer decision hub that handles the rules, actions and insight (analytics) for about customer treatment. The current product has a strong history in banking and financial services but also has retail, communication and insurance.

Four big themes are driving Customer Intelligence:

  • Optimizing marketing
    Differentiated analytics and an optimized marketing processes
  • Customer Journey
    Engage customers the way companies and their customers want across channels and devices
  • Unify customer data
    Even as the range of data increases and specifically across multiple channels
  • Digital ecosystem
    Support the huge array of marketing players – means being cloud, API-driven etc.

This leads to an extension of the customer intelligence suite deeper into additional channels – mobile and web content, email and advertising that are customized, analytic and learn from new data.

A detailed walkthrough of how a marketing analyst might refine their targeting of their customers showed some nice task management, designing flows for offer targeting, analytic tools for comparing A/B test results, integrating anonymous behavior across multiple channels with profiles to drive interactions and much more.

SAS is taking its existing customer data hub and marketing operations investments and extending them deeper into newer digital channels and adding more sophisticated and yet more accessible analytics. Integrating with commercial marketing systems and content delivery systems in a more open way is a critical component so that the intelligence can be embedded into a typical heterogeneous marketing environment.