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DMN, DecisionsFirst Modeler and OneDecision.io


Decision Management Solutions joined the OneDecision.io consortium back in September and we have been working with them ever since both within the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standards process and to provide some integration between the OneDecision.io Java-based reference implementation for DMN execution (which supports basic decision tables, JSON data types, and the standardized DMN XML interchange format) and DecisionsFirst Modeler our decision requirements modeling platform.

We believe that the best way to integrate execution-oriented environments like OneDecision.io (or IBM Operational Decision Manager and other commercial Business Rules Management Systems) is by linking the decision requirements diagrams you build to the matching implementation in your target environment. We have now completed the initial prototype for the integration of DecisionsFirst Modeler Enterprise Edition with OneDecision.io and you can see the results in the video.

If you are interested in this integration, or any others, please get in touch – info@decisionsfirst.com.