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The Big Analytics: Data Leader’s Collaborative Book Project


Besides working on Real World Decision Modeling with DMN  I recently contributed a piece on the use of decision modeling for framing predictive analytics to The Big Analytics Book, a book being produced by the folks at AnalyticsWeek. AnalyticsWeek rounded up 60+ thought leaders in analytics, including yours truly, and got us all to write a piece of advice. Mine was focused on the potential for decision modeling to accurately and usefully frame analytics projects:

Framing analytics projects matters because it is easy to build a great analytic that does not truly impact business results – that does not improve decision-making. In the words of one of our customers “there’s too much white space between analytic success and business success”. Linking your metrics to the decisions that make a difference and then modeling these decisions really helps ensure your analytic projects are on-target.

It’s a fun book and you should check out the press release here and sign up for a copy at thebiganalytics.com.

If you want to learn more about decision modeling for analytics check out our white paper or sign up for our training.


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  • Matt February 15, 2016, 11:45 am


    I am working with my teams now to help our customers understand the difference between reporting and advanced analytics. I particularly appreciated your piece on framing up analytics projects. What we find is that most struggle with just the how to get going part. We are focused on trying to simplify and de-mystify advanced analytics for marketers. Appreciate your perspective on on my blog. – http://misterbrooks.weebly.com/blog