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Innovate risk management and customer centricity with decisions and processes


Many organizations have buried their operational decision making in business processes and information systems, making it hard to optimize how these decisions are made. This matters because more and more of the value created by business processes is associated with these kinds of decisions. As more processes are digitized and automated to keep pace with today’s consumers the role of decision-making in these processes is growing and many business processes are essentially “decision processes” in this new digitized world – especially in the key business areas of risk management and customer centricity.

Those of us who work in this space have noted a couple of things:

  • The complexity of decision-making processes can be addressed by externalizing and modeling decisions
  • Managing risk and customer centricity require both process and decision innovation.
  • Combining processes and decisions drives transformation and innovation in business operations creating real business value.

I am giving a webinar on this – How to Innovate Risk Management and Customer Centricity – with Roger Burlton of the Process Renewal Group , February 17th at 11am Pacific. Roger and I both work with leading organizations striving to deliver excellence in risk management and customer centricity and our experience makes it clear that a combined process and decision focus is the most effective way to improve business processes. You can register here.