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Live Event: Big Data Innovation at GAN San Francisco


I will kick off Predictive Analytics and Big Data 2016 in San Francisco with the opening keynote on Monday March 14 at 8:30am.

Predictive Analytics and Big Data are more than just buzzwords – they are defining modern business in ways unimaginable even a decade ago. Organizations can now tap into vast oceans of internal and external data to gain insights, develop new products and develop competitive advantage. Learning new ways to harness and leverage data, perform effective analytics and develop new technology by-way-of data science is critical to growth for the modern organization.

I am going to talk about Big Data Innovation – how to improve decision making capabilities by effectively analyzing big data. I’ll focus on how analytics is shifting from reporting and monitoring to deciding, on the importance of advanced analytics in making sense of Big Data and on the critical need to put decisions first and use that to drive analytic success.

More details on the program here and you can register here.



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