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Excellence in mobile requires Process and Decision Management


MobileReportCoverLast year BPM expert Sandy Kemsley and I did some research on the infrastructure you need to develop excellent, smarter, mobile apps. Mobile devices have gained enough traction with consumers and employees to require mobile applications as a part of an enterprise strategy. However, these mobile apps must be more than mere information presenters – they need to be “smarter” than typical enterprise applications. In the report we discuss the requirements for excellence in enterprise mobile and the challenges of using a traditional enterprise platform for delivering modern mobile apps. While most enterprise have realized that they need to add a mobile development capability, we also identify the decision and process management capabilities enterprises need to drive excellence in their mobile applications. Only by applying process and decision management on the back end, as well as mobile app development on the front end, can enterprises deliver the next generation of smarter mobile apps.

Report and webinar recording here.


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