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Lessons learned from the real-life deployment of Decision Management at scale


I presented on the lessons we have learned deploying decision management and decision modeling at scale at various clients, specifically some large financial institutions. We have some case study like papers available (contact us for a copy) and here are the key takeaways:

  • Decision Modeling
    • Widely Accessible, Collaborative
      Lots of people can build and use decision models
    • Many Use Cases
      Decision models work for manual decisions, decision requirements and decision automation.
    • Sketchability Drives Creativity?
      The diagrams are easy to draw on a white board
    • Networks Not Flow
      Decision models have reuse and structure – they are networks not sequence
    • Find Gaps, Reuse, Duplication
      Models help you find gaps and identify reuse.
  • Processes and Decisions
    • Model Processes and Decisions
      Modeling them both really helps build simpler, smarter and more agile processes
    • Process Analysis is Not Enough
      Some processes can’t be improved by focusing on the process, only on the decisions
  • Architecture and Governance
    • Put Decisions In Context
      Map them to processes, data, metrics and more.
    • Reinvent Compliance
      Focus on building compliance decision models
    • Decisions Are Better Drivers
      Invest in technology based on how it improves decisions
    • Manage Decisions Before Rules
      Use decision models to drive business rules
  • Agile, Iterative
    • Decisions Are High Change
      So model them and use business rules to make sure you can change them easily
    • Model Iteratively
      Use decision models to frame and structure business rules iterations
    • Decisions Drive Data
      Focus on the data you need to make and improve decisions

Our upcoming live online training is a great way to get started quickly with the decision management approach and learn the decision modeling requirements technique. Contact us for an IIBA discount.


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