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Business Analysis and Architecture with Decision Modeling


As part of the Building Business Capability conference I have gave a workshop on Business Analysis and Architecture with Decision Modeling. It’s hard to blog my own sessions but here are the takeaways:

  • Focus on decisions
    • Transactional, operational decisions
    • Decisions that control your processes
    • Manual or automated, rules-based or analytical
  • Model Decisions
    • Decision Requirements Models clarify requirements
    • Decision Requirement Models decompose decision-making
    • Decision Requirement Models scope rules, analytics
  • Work Top-Down
    • Top-down models reveal context quickly
    • Decisions first, rules second
    • Iteratively extend the model, write rules, develop analytics

If you want to know more about decision modeling with DMN why not download our white paper on DMN or sign up for our next online DMN training class in November?


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