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Webinar: How to Succeed with Advanced Analytics at Scale


I am giving a webinar on How to Succeed with Advanced Analytics at Scale on October 15 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

Leading organizations today are looking to scale their advanced analytics capabilities, especially data mining and predictive analytics, to improve business performance, reduce fraud and improve customer responsiveness. However traditional analytic project approaches are hard to scale and difficult to implement in the real-time environment required in modern enterprise architectures.

In this live webinar, I will share with you best practices from leading organizations adopting decision modeling to scale their analytic software investments and improve the ROI. Learn:

  • The critical obstacles for an analytic operating model.
  • How decision modeling provides the framework needed to easily and clearly align the business objectives with the analytics.
  • How decision management eases deployment and integration of analytics into operational systems.

Register here.


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