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OneDecision, DMN and DecisionsFirst


Those of you who follow the news on the new Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard will have seen that we have become a supporter of the new OneDecision.io open source initiative. OneDecision is working on making it easy to execute a well defined DMN decision table – essentially taking a DMN interchange file defined using the DMN XML schema and executing it as a server. An editor for such decision tables and other capabilities are also likely moving forward.

Here at Decision Management Solutions we are big believers in DMN, using it on all our projects and teaching hundreds of people how to use it for everything from requirements analysis to business rules specification, from business modeling to predictive analytic requirements. We use our modeling tool, DecisionsFirst Modeler, for these projects. We’re focused on the business modeling side of DMN – what are your decision requirements, how do the pieces fit together, what are the business implications etc. For implementation we like to link to your varied implementation environments, whether those are Business Rules Management Systems or analytic platforms. Working with OneDecision will give us another way to deliver implementations and we are excited to be working with them.

There’s more detail on the project at OneDecision.io and I’ll blog more as we make progress with them.


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