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Webinar: Decision Modeling for Predictive Analytics Projects


I am giving a webinar on Decision Modeling for Predictive Analytics Projects at 11am Eastern on September 29, 2015 for the International Institute for Analytics

The effective use of predictive analytics is becoming more important as projects move “out of the lab”. Organizations need to frame problems to create proper requirements for predictive analytics projects, engage people beyond the analytics team in this process, and prioritize projects that will be successful and deliver business value.

In this briefing, also published as an IIA research brief, IIA Faculty member James Taylor will discuss decision modeling, a new technique for framing a business problem so it can be effectively solved with predictive analytics. James will introduce the basic concepts behind decision modeling, discuss a real world example, and explain how decision models can be effective tools for defining predictive analytic requirements.

Register here –  you can sign up as an IIA member here.