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Online Training: Introduction to Decision Management


I am giving an online class Introduction to Decision Management in three 90 minute sessions August 25,26,27

Decision Management allows the effective automation of decision-making combined with increased business agility and greater effectiveness. Decision Management is a proven approach for adopting business rules and predictive analytics technology. Used with these technologies, Decision Management improves risk management and customer service, enables 1:1 marketing, increases straight through processing and more effectively targets fraud while leveraging scarce resources.

This 3-part online live training class will prepare you to adopt Decision Management or expand existing business rules/analytic efforts into true Decision Management programs. You will learn the key use cases in which Decision Management adds value, get an introduction to the critical technologies for building Decision Management systems and learn the core steps in a proven Decision Management methodology. You will see how applying Decision Management to your critical decisions will drive operational success and deliver more powerful information systems.

Each step is supported by exercises, Q&A and work sessions focused on problems that reinforce key points.

More details and registration here. Early bird pricing through August 14. You can also combine this with our upcoming class on Decision Modeling with DMN at a discounted price – see the combined pricing under registration.


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