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Webinar: Transforming Operational Systems: Analytics and Decision Management


I am giving a webinar with IBM on Transforming Operational Systems: Analytics and Decision Management, August 11 at 11am Eastern

Organizations today face rapidly changing environments where operational systems need to do more than just process high volume transactions quickly. They must also be able to execute informed business decisions for greater customer service and personalization. This requires business leaders to rethink their views of the mainframe technology model.

Join us for a complimentary webinar where James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, will lead a discussion covering exactly how the mainframe has been retooled to allow transactions and analytics to co-exist in a single integrated platform for operational decision management. Solutions built on IBM’s broad and deep portfolio for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics – optimized for the latest-generation IBM z13 mainframe – will be discussed, along with real customer success stories based on these solutions.

Topics include:

  • Discover how to turn operational systems into decision management systems. Send real-time, personalized and localized responses to meet customer demands—automatically and without fail!
  • Find out what you need to handle and process ever-increasing data volumes efficiently, and how to transform this data into real business value.
  • Learn how advances in mainframe, platform and analytics systems deliver powerful decision-making capabilities for a new generation of customer- centric systems.

Register here.


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