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Teradata Strategy Overview #TD3PI


Day two of the Teradata Influencers event started with Hermann Wimmer, co-president. Hermann gave us an introduction to the overall company strategy. Teradata has two co-presidents, one focused on data and analytics and one focused on marketing applications with some shared services. This allows  them to focus on the three markets there see for their products – data warehouse, big data analytics and marketing applications.

Hermann sees potential for increased growth moving forward especially given the expansion in data problems in areas like social, internet of things which bring in new companies to focus on data and analytics. He identified some guiding principles for Teradata:

  • Integration – bring lots of technology to bear
  • Simplicity – make it easy for decision-makers to get the insight they need
  • Choice – accept that customers won’t use the whole stack
  • Flexibility – make it easy for customers to use the technology
  • Speed – self explanatory
  • Knowledge – make sure that the ecosystem knows how to use the technology

This leads to a set of key priorities for Teradata

  1. The Analytical Ecosystem
    UDA, Data Warehouse etc
  2. Big Data Technologies
    Aster, Hadoop, Apps, Open Source
  3. Cloud for Analytics
    Enterprise class production analytics,, hybrid implementations, ecosystem
  4. Consulting
    Big Data and analytics consulting, managed services

At the end of the day Teradata wants to be companies strategic partner for analytics.


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