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Webinar: Advanced Analytics for the Business Professional


I am giving a webinar on Advanced Analytics for the Business Professional 10am Pacific on May 28

Advanced Analytics is not just for data scientists anymore. Many businesses adopt their analytics by degree of complexity, limiting business professionals to reporting and dashboard views of their business. But recent research has found that with modern tools and techniques it is of much higher value to adopt the analytic capability needed where needed, enabling business professionals access to the business insights of advanced analytics answering “Why?” and “What Next?” questions, not just “What Happened?”

In this live event, James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions and Dan Melcher, Internet Application Architect at Actuate, an OpenText Company, will present findings from Decision Management Solutions’ recent research, “The Analytic Capability Landscape”, outlining a new approach to analytic adoption: Decision-led, Role-centric and Style-base. Together these combine to successfully shift the analytic focus from reporting and monitoring to decision making, and providing these important competitive insights to business professionals across the organization.

Register here.


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