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Webinar: The Value of Predictive Analytics and How Using Decision Modeling Helps You Succeed


I am giving a webinar with Matt Kitching, Senior Data Scientist at Apption at 10am Pacific, May 27 on The Value of Predictive Analytics and How Using Decision Modeling Helps You Succeed

webinar combined logoSuccessful predictive analytic projects follow a well defined approach from requirements to modeling, implementation and deployment, embedding the analytic results in operational systems that improve business performance. We will discuss the business value of predictive analytics and show how decision modeling adds value throughout Apption’s big data analytics workflow.

Using a recent Apption Customer Retention Analytics engagement, we will walk through the workflow and show the value of predictive analytics and decision modeling in each step:

  • Big Data Analytics allows you to use all your data to make key business decisions
  • Decision modeling aligns analytics requirements with key business measures, creating a shared understanding across stakeholders while providing structure and transparency and so promoting buy-in
  • Decision modeling focuses data scientists on the most relevant data, streamlining data preparation and exploration
  • Predictive Analytics provide you with actionable insights that help you solve existing problems or head them off
  • Decision modeling provides a framework to evaluate and refine predictive models to ensure they will have a business impact
  • Finally decision modeling ensures that predictive analytic models can and will be successfully deployed.

Predictive analytics are increasingly a must-have competitive tool. A well defined workflow and effective decision modeling approach ensures that the right predictive analytic models get built and deployed.

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