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Event: TDWI Solution Summit – Maximizing your Analytics Investment


I am co-hosting the TDWI Solution Summit “Maximizing your Analytics Investment: Innovative Business through Predictive & Advanced Analytics” with Fern Halper, May 31-June 2 in San Diego.

Join an exclusive, hosted gathering of experienced professionals, industry thought leaders, and top solution providers for real-world tips and best practices to help you harness the power of analytics and strengthen your competitive advantage. We have a great speaker line up with Goldman Sachs, Cisco, LinkedIn, Toyota Financial, Utica National Insurance and BP as well as some panels and presentations by some vendor experts. Key elements of the summit:

  • Power in Analytics
    Analytics has become an important new trend for companies that want to be—and stay—competitive. Although advanced analytics is a proven technology, adoption is increasing for a number of reasons including the economic climate, the availability of compute power, the growing amount and variety of data, and a greater appreciation for the power of analytics.
  • Drive Benefits
    Organizations want to become more proactive to drive top- and bottom-line benefits. Forward-looking companies are moving beyond BI—slicing and dicing data to produce reports and dashboards—to more advanced forms of analytics including data mining, predictive analytics, text analytics, machine learning, geospatial analytics, stream mining, and more. Successful organizations are using advanced analytics to eliminate fraud, reduce customer churn, improve medical outcomes, understand their brands, increase operational efficiency, and more effectively manage risk.
  • Get the answers you need
    Adopting advanced analytics isn’t just a technology issue. It is a delicate balance between technology and business. To make analytics pervasive, you must consider organizational, scale, process, retraining, and governance issues. Companies need answers to questions such as: How do I start? How do I upskill my people? How do I tie analytics to business results? How do I prove value?

There are more details here and you can apply to attend here.


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