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How to frame requirements for predictive analytic projects with decision modeling


One of my big focus areas right now is using decision requirements models to frame predictive analytic projects. We are working with a few insurance companies as well as a couple of manufacturing companies to apply decision requirements modeling in their analytic requirements process and I am excited by the potential. I recently wrote an article for Predictive Analytic Times on this topic – Effective Framing of Predictive Analytic Projects – and I am presenting on Decision Modeling for Predictive Analytic Projects with Steve Knode of UMUC at the upcoming Predictive Analytics World (March 31 in San Francisco). The article and the presentation are great introductions to this exciting area. If you want more information, download our white paper on Decision Modeling with DMN or sign up for the free Basic version of DecisionsFirst Modeler, our decision modeling tool.

And yes, the technique works for any kind of analytic project – data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, reporting or dashboards 🙂


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