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Free Version of Decision Modeling Software DecisionsFirst Modeler Now Available


Headline600x370At Decision Management Solutions we have a long history of providing free resources to help drive the adoption of Decision Management, Decision Management technology and Decision Modeling. Today we continued this with our announcement of a free version of our decision modeling software, DecisionsFirst Modeler.

The free Basic Version delivers user-friendly, DMN standards-based graphical decision models for up to three users to support collaboration on decision requirements for business process management, business rules, predictive analytics and dashboards design projects. The free Basic Version is repository-based, to maximize reuse, and captures a wide range of meta data to support effective modeling.

Decision modeling is a cornerstone of Decision Management and DecisionsFirst Modeler has been developed through our extensive experience with clients. DecisionsFirst Modeler’s graphical, collaborative environment and support for the new Decision Model Notation standard will help you rapidly adopt decision modeling as a new, analytical approach to business analysis.

In addition to the free Basic Version, Decision Management Solutions provides training and consulting services as well as DecisionsFirst Modeler Enterprise Edition, which is available both on-premise or cloud-based. The Enterprise Edition includes a robust REST API for integration with business rules management systems and predictive analytic platforms by programmatically registering, updating and versioning implementation components with the DecisionsFirst Modeler repository. Keeping this information synchronized through the API allows decision models based on the new Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard to act as a graphical front-end to more complex, multi-vendor implementation environments.

For more information on DecisionsFirst Modeler go to http://decisionsfirst.com/. I hope you will try it.


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