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Analytics Capability Landscape: Style-based


As part of my recently completed research on the analytic capability landscape, I introduced an approach to selecting analytic capability that is decision-led, role-centric and style-based. I go into the approach more in the research report but I wanted to highlight a few points in a series of blog posts. Finally style-based:

With a clear understanding of the decision that is to be improved and the role(s) that will be involved, it is possible to identify the right type of analytic capability that is required. Three elements define analytic style:

  • Interactivity: Is the capability designed for explorers or settlers?
  • Presentation: Does the capability deliver a visual result or a numeric one?
  • Scaling approach: Is the capability a DIY one or a factory-made one?

This analytic style will determine if the roles involved can use the capability to solve the decision-making problem at hand far more effectively than the capability’s position on an arbitrary maturity curve.

The research is now published as a report – The Analytics Capabilities Landscape Research Report  – and an associated Infographic. Register now to download this free report and infographic.



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