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Analytics Capability Landscape: Role-centric


As part of my recently completed research on the analytic capability landscape, I introduced an approach to selecting analytic capability that is decision-led, role-centric and style-based. I go into the approach more in the research report but I wanted to highlight a few points in a series of blog posts. Next up role-centric:

Decision-making problems can be solved in a variety of ways. The people who will be involved and their roles that will play a part in improving the decision will further constrain and direct the type of analytic capability to be used. While many roles exist in organizations, they can generally be classified as one of four types:

  • Business decision-makers – both front line and managerial/knowledge workers
  • Business analysts – data analysts, BI analysts, analysts etc.
  • IT data professionals
  • Analytic professionals – data scientists, data miners, OR researcher…

A clear understanding of who is going to be involved in solving a decision-making problem is the next step. It’s hard to pick the right kind of analytic capability if you don’t know who’s going to have to use it. Final post tomorrow on style-based.

The research is now published as a report – The Analytics Capabilities Landscape Research Report  – and an associated Infographic. Register now to download this free report and infographic.



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