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Analytics Capability Landscape: Decision-led


As part of my recently completed research on the analytic capability landscape, I introduced an approach to selecting analytic capability that is decision-led, role-centric and style-based. I go into the approach more in the research report but I wanted to highlight a few points in a series of blog posts. First decision-led:

Given the focus we saw earlier on decision-making, and in particular the growing focus organization have on using analytics explicitly to improve decision-making, it makes sense to select analytic capabilities in a decision-led way. This means considering the decisions you are trying to analytically improve FIRST, before you select analytic capability. In the research, and in our consulting work, we found that a specific set of characteristics of a decision are at the heart of selecting an appropriate analytic capability. The four characteristics that matter most in describing a decision at this stage are:

  • Volume, or how often a decision is made
  • Repeatability, or how similar each decision is
  • Latency, or how long the organization has to make the decision
  • Complexity, or how difficult the decision is

Only if you which decision(s) you are trying to improve and know these things about the decision can you really focus analytic capability on improving your decision-making. Of course, having a decision requirements model really helps too.

Next up, role-centric.

The research is now published as a report – The Analytics Capabilities Landscape Research Report  – and an associated Infographic. Register now to download this free report and infographic.



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