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Conference Presentation: A New Approach to Defining BI Requirements


PASS_BAC15_Speaking_250x250I am speaking at PASS Business Analytics 2015, April 20-22 in Santa Clara CA,on A New Approach to Defining BI Requirements

Most organizations lack an approach that lets them specify their requirements for BI or for analytics more broadly. Their ability to find opportunities for, and successfully use, more advanced analytics is limited. In this session, James Taylor will introduce decision modeling with DMN, a new standards-based approach to modeling decisions. He will introduce the core concepts of the approach and show how it can be used to drive more effective requirements for BI, dashboard and analytic projects. Attendees will learn how to begin with the decision in mind, defining their BI requirements in terms of the decision-making they need to improve.

More on the conference here and you can register here with the discount code BASPJAM for $150 off.

If you would like to know more about decision modeling for dashboard projects, check out our white paper.


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