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Yseop Update


I got an update from Yseop recently, having last been briefed back in August 2013.Yseop has repackaged its capabilities into two products – Yseop Smart NLG (Natural Language Generation) and Yseop Smart Machine. Yseop Smart NLG is software that turns data into text and narrative, primarily working in finance, business analytics and business intelligence while Yseop Smart Machine is a specific application focused on customer service and sales, using the same approach to natural language processing to generate a dialog with customers resulting in bespoke, customized responses. The company now offers a development tool, called Yseop Business Studio, which offers non-technical users the ability to develop decision support tools based on natural language processing

Many of the users of Smart NLG are using it to add value to existing decision support environments –dashboards etc. Instead of just presenting data or visualizations, the dashboard leverages the Yseop engine to explain the data being presented and recommend actions. In particular they use Yseop to explain the “why” behind a recommended action. This combination of decision making / recommendation with decision support capabilities is a powerful one.

The key changes to the product to enable this have been around the business studio to empower business users to develop their own solution, allowing more to be done without getting into the Eclipse studio.

Yseop is one of the vendors in our Decision Management Systems Platform Technology Report and you can get more information on their product at http://yseop.com


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