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First Look: TIBCO Spotfire Recommendations


I got a quick update on TIBCO Spotfire recently having last been updated on TIBCO Spotfire 6.5. Since then TIBCO has acquired Jaspersoft and created their TIBCO Analytics group. In addition TIBCO has been taken private though no organizational or business strategy changes have resulted. The various analytic products continue to be fairly independent though TIBCO is clearly focusing on how they might deliver the combined stack to clients. Growth in the TIBCO Analytics portfolio, they say, was good at the end of 2014.

The particular prompt for the briefing was their announcement of Recommendations for Spotfire (announced today). Cloud has been a focus lately for TIBCO Analytics and they are taking a “cloud-first” approach. This means that new features in TIBCO Spotfire are coming on the cloud first and the product, a recommendation engine for visualizations, is no exception.

Recommendations is designed to help a user quickly get started when analyzing a new dataset. Instead of uploading or accessing a data set and then having to iterate around possible transformations and visualizations, the new engine determines what kind data is being manipulated and suggests the best visualizations for the data. Under the covers some mathematical analysis is used to prioritize which visualization is the most appropriate, trying to ensure that the recommendations make sense given the underlying data.

The focus is on making visual analytics quicker and more approachable against the initial data available to better understand it and see what transformations and further analysis might be appropriate. Over time TIBCO expects to extend the recommendation engine to other steps in the analysis process including transformations etc. In addition some streamlining of the user experience is also being delivered, making it easier to navigate the analytics by identifying which functions are relevant against the data set being analyzed.

TIBCO Spotfire is one of the products in our Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report and more information on Recommendations is available at http://spotfire.tibco.com/recommendations


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