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Great new case study on the power of decision modeling


verologoWe have just posted a great new case study on the power of decision modeling with a story from the Finnish Tax Authority. In Decision Modeling Closes the Gap Between Processes and Business Rules at the Finnish Tax Administration, Timo Laukkanen, Process Director at the Finnish Tax Administration (FTA), describes how decision modeling has filled the gap between process models and business rules in the most extensive project ever undertaken by the FTA. Decision modeling was quick to implement and has made it easier to evaluate rules, to view the overall process picture and to communicate to stakeholders.

“Decision modeling enables us to model our business by dividing it into concrete parts that are understandable to business people without being too detailed. It also helps us not to lose sight of the overall picture of the process while delving deep into the details of business rules.”
Timo Laukkanen, Process Director, Finnish Tax Administration

“I am truly amazed by decision modeling. This method gives me an agile tool for modeling quite complicated domains.”
Katja Hietikko, Senior Business Developer, M.Sc. (Tech.)

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