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Some new Decision Management assets


I recently did some work with the folks at SAS on Decision Management and they helped me create some new decision management assets. We recorded three short webinars on core decision management topics:

  • Operationalizing Analytics With Decision Management.
    • Where decision management fits in your analytic environment.
    • How to modernize analytical business processes.
    • The value of operational analytics.
  • Manage Business Risk With Decision Management.
    • Methods that reduce organizational risk.
    • The value of a repeatable decision strategy.
    • Where decision management fits within a risk management framework.
  • Better Real-Time Actions With Decision Management.
    • The drivers for real-time analytics.
    • The key elements for automating real-time analytics.
    • How to address operational decision complexity

All of these and more are available on their new decision management resources landing page.



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