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Webinar: Engaging Business Users with Drools


I am giving a webinar on Plugtree, on October 8 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern:

Drools is a technically strong, high performance Business Rules Management System (BRMS). Drools has editors that can be configured so business analysts and business users can maintain and update business rules but many organizations trying to engage their business users in this way find that there are challenges in requirements gathering, implementation and navigation. In this webinar you will learn why decision modeling as part of the requirements phase or iteratively during agile projects addresses these challenges, making it easier for business users to fully participate in Drools implementations and maintenance.

Join James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions and Mariano De Maio, CTO of Drools experts Plugtree, and learn how decision management and decision modeling

  • Capture business know-how graphically and early in the requirements process
  • Create and sustain a business friendly navigational view of the entire Drools project.
  • Provide a framework for growth of Drools-based applications.

The webinar will include a demonstration of decision modeling with DecisionsFirst Modeler and Drools conforming to the forthcoming Decision Model Notation (DMN) standard.

Register here.


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