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Some thoughts on KDNuggets’ top trends ahead of Strata Hadoop NYC


Gregory over at KDNuggets had an interesting post with some Top Analytics and Big Data trends ahead of Strata Hadoop NYC Conference based on input from their readers. Three trends struck me:

  • The challenge of communicating complex analyses to non-technical clients/partners
    We are having increasing success using logical decision models to show how data and analytics drive better decision making. This improves communication, focuses analytic projects and brings everyone to a shared understanding. Check out this TDWI Q&A on the role of decision modeling in analytics and this white paper on Decision Modeling for Predictive Analytic Projects.
  • Bring the power of complex analysis to everyday employees
    I believe the most effective way to do this is not by making everyone an analytic professional but by embedding analytics in operational systems so that everyone can make analytical decisions or at least have their work benefit from them. There’s more in this white paper on Putting Predictive Analytics To Work in Operations and this recorded webinar on 4 ways decision modeling creates a data-driven culture.
  • Industrializing Analytics: moving the process of predictive modeling from a cottage industry to production line approach using tools with interchangeable components instead code that’s custom integrated.
    This is one of my favorite topics. Check out this white paper on Operationalizing Analytics as well as much of the rest of my writings about analytics!

If you want to try decision modeling as a way to express business understanding, why not try DecisionsFirst Modeler for 60 days free? If we can help drop us a line or sign up for our online training in September.


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