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Webinar: Getting Started with Decision Discovery


I am giving a webinar with Juergen Pitschke, our partner in Germany, on Getting Started with Decision Discovery September 9 at 10am Pacific.

The path to a better bottom line is paved by large numbers of operational decisions made by people, by processes and by software applications. Systematically improving each operational decision – at scale – is at the core of Decision Management. Business Architects and Analysts identify, describe and model operational decisions in Decision Discovery.
In this webinar, James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, and Dr. Juergen Pitschke, Founder and Managing Director at BCS, will show you how to get started with Decision Management on your next application development or business process improvement project with Decision Discovery. Learn how to:

  • Identify decisions, sub-decisions and information and knowledge resources (including rules and analytics)
  • Describe decisions in detail (Decision Tables and other Metaphors)
  • Model decisions in a DMN-conformant decision modeling tool for communication and documentation
  • Link to execution environments

This webinar is targeted to Business Architects and Business Analysts familiar with the current OMG standards – from DMN, BPMN, CMMN to BMM, SBVR and more.

You can register here.


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