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Webinar: 6 Opportunities for Business Improvement with Decision Management


I am giving a webinar on “6 Opportunities for Business Improvement with Decision Management” Wednesday June 25 at 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern.

What opportunities are you looking for to improve your business performance? In this webinar you will learn six opportunities that are readily available when you adopt a decision management approach to business rules and predictive analytics. These are opportunities to:

1. Simplify business processes and so reduce costs and increase business agility by externalizing decisions from them.
2. Increase straight through processing and so reduce costs by applying decision management technologies to automate decisions.
3. Increase the speed and accuracy of tactical and managerial decision-making through decision modeling and improved decision support systems.
4. Use analytics to eliminate “one size doesn’t really fit anyone” handling of customers, partners, suppliers or transactions.
5. Radically re-assess staffing needs where decision management technologies allow automation so that only exceptions require manual intervention.
6. Maximize the value of assets and people by replacing first-in-first-out and other mechanical approaches with decision-centric risk- or opportunity-based approaches.

Register here.


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