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IBM Big Data & Analytics: Transform adoption with cloud


Cloud, says IBM, is changing people’s expectations – they want the same kind of pricing, time to value, flexible access, ease of install for analytics that they get from other cloud applications. IBM is therefore very focused on delivering analytics in the cloud through a mixture of private, public and hybrid clouds. They are going to use IBM Bluemix to deliver some Platform as a Service capabilities as well as their solutions running as a service.Plus they are releasing BlueInsight.

  • Bluemix services focused on analytics include databases and warehouse services, analytics for hadoop, reporting, geospatial and time series analysis (see this post from IMPACT on Bluemix and cloud).
  • More IBM products run on cloud all the time. Many products already run in the cloud – social media analytics, Cognos TM1 and incentive management, Algo Risk services among others.
  • Cloud-based business solutions are being introduced. These combine various IBM products, GBS consulting and industry templates into a solution that is then hosted on IBM infrastructure for SaaS delivery to clients – critically with usage-based pricing.
    IBM sees 30% lower TCO, 60% faster time to pilot and 50% faster time to value. 12 solutions already – customer analytics, counter fraud, smarter asset managementj and more.  Planning to double this by year’s end.
  • BlueInsight is designed to use the cloud to transform how information workers use analytics. The intent is to rapidly make information available, support a wide range of skillsets with an intuitive environment and provide enrichment and analysis capabilities – all in the cloud and leveraging the Catalyst Insight and other technologies.

I am pretty bullish about analytics in the cloud – check out our research on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud for more.


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